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User Awareness and Demand for iMobility systems

The aim of the study is to cover car users’ awareness, knowledge and experiences with the systems under analysis as well as users’ willingness to pay for the systems. This objective was approached by organising a standardized survey in a common format in five European countries: Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Finland and the Netherlands.

The study revealed a moderate level of awareness about the technologies in all countries, and a low level of experience using the systems (as low as 5% for emergency braking and as high as 19% for eco-driving assistant and start-stop systems). The willingness to pay for these technologies was at most 200 euros per system, and in general a neutral to positive acceptance for the various technologies was expressed, indicating that few of the respondents have negative feelings towards the systems. In general the study indicates an important potential for the further deployment of iMobility technologies.

The current version of this Deliverable is pending approval from  the European Commission.

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