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09 - 13
Oct   Oct

iMobility Challenge Barcelona


On 9 October a high level seminar on intelligent vehicle technologies was held inside the stadium's conference center, and demos were provided to delegates at the stadium's car park. Mr. Sebastià Salvadó, president of the RACC and Mr. Jean Todt, president of the FIA, together with representatives of the European Commission and public administrations attended the opening ceremony of the event. Delegates included: leading experts and industry representatives from the automotive and mobility sector, government officials, and the media. Technologies in the following fields were showcased:

- Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
- Electric mobility
- Vehicle connectivity and Cooperative ITS

From 10 to 13 October iMobility Challenge also offered public technology demonstrations of commercially available mobility systems to visitors of the RACC's motorshow in Barcelona's city center (Avenida Diagonal).

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