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May 2014

iMobility Challenge Luxembourg


With the support of the Automobile Club du Luxembourg (ACL), FIA organised a public event with iMobility technology demonstrations at the centre de formation de Colmar Berg. VIPs attending the programme include FIA president, Jean Todt, Luxembourgish Minister for sustainable development and infrastructure, François Bausch, and Colette Maloney, Head of Unit for Smart Cities and Sustainability from DG Connect of the European Commission. Luxembourgish and European members of parliament were present too.

At the event participants had the opportunity to register to test-drive various technologies for themselves

- Tesla: the electric Tesla model S

- Greater Than: an ecodriving contest with the Enerfy ecodriving App

- Volvo-Delphi: emergency braking and adaptive cruise control systems

Finally throughout the afternoon an exhibition was also featured with the participation of the following companies: Bosch, Delphi, Goodyear, Greater Than, IEE, Luxinnovation, Post Luxembourg, Sales-Lentz, Tesla, l’Université de Luxembourg, Volvo and Voyages Emile Weber.







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