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16 - 19
Jun   Jun

iMobility Challenge Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

On the opening day of the 10th European ITS Congress in Helsinki (16th June 12:00 - 19:00), the iMobility Challenge project with the support of the Finnish Automobile Club (Autoliitto) organised a public day to promote awareness of the benefits of green, safe and smart mobility. Participants had a chance to take part in an ecodriving competition to test their ecodriving score against the performance of F1 star Valtteri Bottas, and many more test drives and demonstrations:

Autonomous Braking

Volvo demonstrated its City Safety system, whereby cars brake autonomously to a halt when the sensors detect an obstacle (pedestrian) and the driver doesn’t pay attention and brake. People were able to test the system for themselves.

Parking Assistance

Both Citroën and Ford demonstrated parking assistance systems that detect suitable space for a car and guides the vehicle in without the driver touching the steering wheel. All the driver needs to do is to accelerate and brake.

Electric Cars

Everybody is talking about electric cars, but quite few people in Finland have actually driven an electric car. At the event the public had a chance to test drive Nissan Leaf and Ford Focus Electric cars.


A company called Greater Than organized an eco-driving competition where the public could test how ‘smart’ they drive. The Enerfy app ( scores drivers according to how energy efficient their driving behaviour is. Finnish F1 driver Valtteri Bottas took part in the competition and participants had a chance to challenge his score. This demo was made available Throughout the entire congress duration (16-19 June).

Vehicle Data

Helpten and Driveco demonstrated intelligent ways to make people drive smarter. Their applications collect vehicle data and provide feedback to the users on their driving style.

See the agenda with list of demonstrations and participating companies below.




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