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Oct 2014

Online Debate: Intelligent Mobility for Smart Cities

On 30 October we’re launching an online debate on the future of mobility, leading up to our conference "Intelligent Mobility for Smart Cities" to be held on November 18. Tell us what you think about how technology can improve urban mobility!


You can join the online debate on social media via Twitter ( and Facebook ( or by using the hashtag #iMobilityDebate on Twitter. Be sure to follow us for future questions and updates!


 Question 1 (launch: 30 October):

- How can technology improve mobility in cities?


• Question 2 (launch: 6 November):

- How would mobility be improved if cars were connected to each other and the road?


• Question 3 (launch: 13 November):

- What needs to happen to make intelligent vehicle technologies commonly available?


Spread the word about the online debate, contact us if you have any questions, we’ll see you online!

And don't forget to REGISTER to the conference!


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