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Edition of October 2013

Happy birthday, iMobility Challenge!

As the iMobility Challenge campaign celebrates its first birthday, we are happy to report on our recent awareness raising events. In the Netherlands, at our largest exhibition to date, a thousand and eight hundred participants (professionals and non) gathered to witness and test-drive latest mobility technologies on the Valkenburg airport's runway.

Thierry Willemarck
FIA Region I president

iMobility Challenge event in the Netherlands

On 11 September iMobility Challenge organised its biggest event to date, a large scale technology demonstration day at the Valkenburg airport.

iMobility Awards Ceremony, 2013 Winners

At the iMobility Challenge in the Valkenburg airport the iMobility Awards ceremony rewarded excellency in the deployment of intelligent mobility.

iMobility Challenge in Strasbourg

'Le Village de la Mobilité' partnered with iMobility Challenge for its 2013 edition. At the iMobility Challenge stand an Ecodriving and an eCall simulators were made available to the public.

Consumer study on iMobility systems

Take part in our survey to gain a better understanding of consumer's awareness and demand for new vehicle systems for intelligent mobility.

iMobility Challenge Ecodriving Competition

Short interview with the winner of the iMobility Challenge Ecodriving competition that took place at our iMobility Challenge event in the Netherlands.

View results of our survey among ITS experts

At the European ITS congress in Dublin we conducted a survey, to gather views on priority intelligent mobility systems and their deployment among ITS experts. View the survey's result.

eCall at NATO Days in Ostrava, Czech Republic

eCall was recently presented to the Czech Public at the NATO Days public event in Ostrava.

View our last video starring Nico Rosberg

At the iMobility Challenge event that took place at the Valkenburg Airport in the Netherlands, F1 star Nico Rosberg gave his views about intelligent mobility, connected cars and eCall.

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