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Sep 2014

Conference on the future of mobility

On 18 November, iMobility Challenge will organise a conference to be held in Brussels that will shed light on the future of mobility in smart cities and what future intelligent vehicles will look like. Speakers will include top executives from various companies involved in the automotive and transport innovation sectors.

The European Union, notably via its European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) aims to bring together cities, industry and citizens and improve urban life thanks to more sustainable integrated solutions; including in the field of transportation. It is clear that new technologies, but also new ways to think about mobility, will play a crucial role if we are to move around cities in an energy efficient, safe, and sustainable manner.  

At the conference, inspirational speakers will present and discuss most innovative ideas but also the challenges associated with the deployment of new technologies. The conference will be divided into two breakout sessions on 'mobility in Smart Cities' and 'Smart Vehicles'. 

To view speakers already confirmed visit our event's page where the event's agenda is updated periodically.






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