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Feb 2013

iMobility Challenge: definition of systems

Brussel, Belgium

One of the first tasks of the project is to investigate those systems that need to be promoted. VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland), the research partner in iMobility Challenge is working on the “Mapping of iMobility Challenge systems”. This includes the selection and definition of those systems that the project will most intensely demonstrate and communicate on. VTT is gathering information from EU projects, impact assessment studies, definitions of ITS applications, etc. to complete this mapping exercise. A major focus is placed on energy efficiency systems and cooperative mobility. Those safety systems that also have documented environmental benefits will also be included in the selection. Below is a list of systems that will be included:

Eco-driving assistance; Eco-driving coaching; Real-time travel and traffic information; eCall; Dynamic traffic light optimisation and optimum speed advisory; Cooperative adaptive cruise control; Fuel-efficient route choice including advance planning; start-stop assistant; speed alert; and Tyre pressure monitoring system.

The final report on the mapping of iMobility Challenge systems will be available in February 2013, and the website will soon provide illustrations, definitions and explanations about iMobillity Challenge systems.

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