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Sep 2014

iMobility Challenge tours Barcelona

Barcelona, Camp Nou

On Ocotber 9 the car park of the famous Football Club Barcelona's stadium (Camp Nou) will turn into a vehicle technology exhibition ground for iMobility Challenge. High level representatives from industry and public authorities as well as the media will attend this demo event, followed by a seminar on intelligent vehicle technologies inside the stadium's conference facilities. The event will be held from 9:00 to 14:00 and is upon invitation. Demos will include advanced emergency braking systems equipped with pedestrian detection; advanced parking assistance systems; various electric vehicles and electric vehicle sharing services; ecodriving applications; and eCall. For more information, full list of exhibitors and agenda of the seminar, visit our event's page.

Subsequently, from 10-13 October demonstrations will be offered to the general public at the RACC motorshow (RACC salon), an annual event in the city center of Barcelona (Avenida Diagonal) where thousands of public particiants are expected. There focus will be on those advanced technologies that are already commercially available for the general public. There, among other things, participants will be able to take part in an ecodriving competition; receive ecodriving training, test Barcelona's new electric scooter sharing service 'Motit' (developed together with the EU project SmartCEM); and learn about a full array of advanced  driver assistance systems thanks to vehicle technology simulators.




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