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Jun 2014

Study on users awareness and demand for iMobility

The large-scale data collection (over a thousand respondents per country) for this study was conducted in five member states: Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain. The study asked about technologies that are all already on the market,  including real time traffic info; start-stop systems; speed alert; ecodriving assistance systems; emergency braking systems and tyre pressure monitoring.

Some of the key findings include, the follwoing :

- Energy consumption and safety are the most important features for users when buying a car.

- In general about 50% of the drivers know at least something about iMobility systems.

- Actual experience using the systems is low. Interestingly, Emergency braking is the system drivers were most aware of but have the least experience with.

- Most drivers have positive or neutral attitudes towards iMobility systems. They are generally not technology averse.

- In general drivers are willing to pay about 200€ at most for most of the systems. Emergency braking is the technology users are most willing to pay for.

- Invariably, Czech Republic is the country with the biggest proportion of drivers willing to pay between 100 and 200€ for a technology.

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