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Sep 2013

eCall at NATO Days in Ostrava, Czech Republic

145 000 people visited this year’s NATO Days in Ostrava (CZ), where the pan-European eCall and its pre-deployment pilot project HeERO were presented on the 21 and 22 September 2013. As distinguished guest, the Czech Minister of Transport Žák ZdenÄ›k, triggered the first eCall from a Croatian vehicle on Czech territory. This demonstrated the interoperability of eCall implementations, an important objective of the HeERO project. The success of this event also demonstrated the interest of the public for the pan-European eCall and the readiness of the HeERO countries to deploy the solution.

“This sounds like science-fiction”. This comment came from several visitors of the NATO Days in Ostrava who looked with interest at the eCall stand, jointly set-up by the Czech Ministry of Transport and ERTICO – ITS Europe. But eCall is no fiction anymore, and it will be available in all new vehicles from October 2015 onwards. That is the message that was passed on to the visitors and that was very positively received.


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