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Sep 2013

iMobility Challenge event in the Netherlands

The Hague

The event was a full-day technology demonstration event involving over 50 demonstrating partners (car manufacturers, automotive suppliers, research organisations, EU projects) that took part in an exhibition inside the airport’s hangar, and provided vehicle test drives on the airport's runway. Turnout for the event was a real success with over 1800 delegates (professionals and members of the public) and 340 staff from demonstrating partners. The event was divided into four areas: efficient, cooperative, smart and safe mobility. Participants had a chance to take the driver's seat to experience the following: ecodriving training courses and competitions, testing of electric vehicles, testing of cooperative applications, various advanced driver assistance safety systems, and autonomous driving.

Four 'plenary' demonstrations were the main highlights of the day: Cooperative mobility systems for cities (intersection safety systems and dynamic traffic lights); autonomous driving; eCall; and a race with high-performance electric cars, bearing witness to the FIA’s active role in promoting electric mobility. F1 star Nico Rosberg acted as the iMobility Challenge ambassador on the day together with Dutch talents Giedo van de Garde, Robin Frijns, and Kevin Abbring.

During the event, the iMobility Awards ceremony also took place. The Ceremony was presided by Mr Paul Timmers, Director Sustainable and Secure Society of the European Commission. The award winners (elected by iMobility Forum member organisations) were Marcel Visser, from Gemalto (Industry / Technology category); Petri Mononen, from VTT (National/Local ITS implementation award); and Paul van der Kroon, from Rijkswaterstraat (Poliy Award).

Pictures and video footage from the day are available on our website:


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