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Oct 2012

Launch of iMobility Challenge

Brussel, Belgium

The iMobility Challenge project kicked-off with a meeting of all project stakeholders on 11 October 2012. Funding is provided by the European Commission's Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT). The project will support the European Commission’s iMobility Forum goals for ITS through demonstrations targeted at the public, professionals, and decision-makers.

“The iMobility Challenge will help to bring safer, smarter and cleaner mobility solutions to European citizens” said FIA Region I Director General, Jacob Bangsgaard. The European Commission’s goal for our mobility sector of zero accidents, zero delays, and zero environmental impact, can be achieved if we use intelligent mobility solutions effectively. We are honoured that the FIA has been chosen to be the lead partner of such an ambitious demonstration project”, continued Mr Bangsgaard.

The iMobility Challenge will deploy the appeal of celebrity motorsport drivers to reach public audiences, whilst also offering the public the opportunity to test drive new systems for themselves. Further goals of the project include:

  • User awareness campaigns;
  • Support studies documenting the socioeconomic impact and benefits of iMobility systems;
  • The provision of basic training to users through awareness events.

Project Partners are: Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA); Association des Constructeurs Européen d'Automobiles (ACEA); Comité de Liaison de la construction d\'Equipements et de Pièces d'Automobiles CLEPA; European Road Transport Telematics Implementation Coordination Organisation (ERTICO); and Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT).

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