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Jun 2013

Register to attend our event in The Hague

Valkenburg airstrip (Katwijk)

Preparations are going well for our biggest event of the year. With a growing number of confirmed demonstrators we are putting together a very rich programme. Visitors will notably be able to see, drive, and experience how modern vehicles communicate with other vehicles and the road, and even driverless vehicles of tomorrow. They will also see innovations in the field of electric driving, and learn how modern technologies can help them drive as efficienclty and safely as possible.

View the extensive list of confirmed demonstrations here

Please register here

View preliminary agenda here

Demonstrations will take place at the Valkenburg airfield (15km away from The Hague). Upon registering you will receive precise indications how to reach us. For those who are not coming by road, the Leiden train station (that can be reached from Schiphol airport train station easily) is a short taxi ride away from the Valkenburg airfield.

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