This project has now ended. Read on to discover its highlights and achievements.

Intelligent vehicles. Efficient mobility.

Intelligent vehicle systems for efficient, clean and safe mobility are becoming increasingly available.
With it come great opportunities to save energy,
protect the environment and even save lives on our roads.

iMo, the expert in intelligent vehicle systems, will tell you everything about new technologies and systems.
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iMobility Systems

  • Thanks to eCall emergency response times are cut by 50% in urban and 40% in rural areas when an accident happens
  • Maintaining proper tire inflation consistently saves fuel.
  • What's really great about a stop/start system is just how easy it is to use.
  • It is not just the driver's pocket that can feel the benefit of start/stop, such systems are also useful for reducing inner-city air pollution.
  • It has been estimated that ecodriving can lead to 10-15% fuel reductions, and cost savings of more than 300 Euros per year.


  • “Just as everyone has a smartphone today I expect we should soon all drive smartcars, full of new technologies that make our journeys safer and greener”

    — F1 Driver, Valtteri Bottas

  • “Intelligent mobility means giving more information to the drivers while they are driving to help them take the right decision and be better drivers”

    — F1 driver, Jerome d'Ambrosio

  • “I am sure the eCall system will be great. It will make rescuing much quicker when there is an accident.”

    — F1 driver , Nico Rosberg

  • “Vehicle connectivity marks the verge of a new era in mobility that will provide safer, greener and smarter driving experiences for road users.”

    — President of the FIA, Jean Todt

  • “I want a car able to talk to other cars and the road, one that tells me the most efficient way of driving, most efficient routes or warn me of dangers”

    — DTM driver, 6 Formula 1 seasons driver, Timo Glock

  • “Intelligent mobility for me is about cars being able to talk to each other and giving me the information before I see it with my own eyes.”

    — 2012 World Touring Car Champion, Rob Huff

  • “Intelligent mobility for me is about cars that are always connected”

    — 9 times World Rally Championship Champion, Sebastien Loeb